Ryder Cup 2023 Live Stream: How to Watch from Anywhere

As the 2023 Ryder Cup looms, anticipation is soaring, particularly for the U.S. team, eyeing their first consecutive wins since 1991 and 1993. After a dry spell, their 2021 victory under Dustin Johnson’s leadership brought the trophy home, equaling the widest win margin in the event’s history post-1979. Can they replicate this success in 2023?

However, we can’t dismiss the formidable European team. Despite their 2021 defeat, their impressive winning record and resilience could catalyze a comeback. It’s an evenly matched game, with the Cup up for grabs. Predicting the winner this time is as elusive as the wind itself. As we approach the event, the thrill is palpable, and the wait for the showdown on the greens is filled with eager anticipation.

If you want to watch Ryder Cup 2023 live stream online from anywhere on your TV, Follow our guide below and don’t miss a moment.

When and where is the Ryder Cup 2023?

The 2023 Ryder Cup will be held at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome, Italy, from Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 1, 2023. This marks Italy’s first time hosting the biennial golf competition between Europe and the United States.

Teams will compete in various match formats across three days, with the first team to reach 14.5 points claiming the Ryder Cup.

The tournament promises a week of thrilling golf amidst the scenic landscapes of Rome’s countryside.

Where is the next Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is held every two years. The exact dates can vary, but it’s traditionally held in late September or early October.

2025Bethpage Black Course, Farmingdale, NY
2027The Golf Course at Adare Manor, County Limerick, Ireland
2029Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minnesota
2033The Olympic Golf Club’s Lake Course, San Francisco, California
Ryder Cup 2023 Live Stream

How to Live Stream Ryder Cup 2023 from outside your country

Are you abroad struggling to catch the Ryder Cup live due to geo-restrictions? Here VPN can help bypass these types of restrictions and blackout problems.

Here’s a quick guide on how to watch the Ryder Cup with ExpressVPN, our top-rated VPN for its speed, ease of use, and security.

Step-by-Step: Watch Ryder Cup Golf From Anywhere

Get ExpressVPN: Download and install ExpressVPN, currently offering an extra 3 months free on yearly plans plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Choose Your Server: Open the VPN app, select ‘choose the location,’ and pick a server from your home country.

Start Streaming: Go to your preferred broadcaster’s live stream. US viewers can choose Peacock TV, and UK fans can opt for Sky Go.

It’s that easy. Enjoy the Ryder Cup, no matter where you’re located!

How to Watch Ryder Cup Live Stream in the US Without Cable

Looking for a way to watch the Ryder Cup without being tied to your cable subscription? Here are some excellent options that provide comprehensive tournament coverage without the hassle of a cable contract. The best part? They’re all user-friendly, budget-friendly, and accessible online.

Watch Ryder Cup Without Cable

Peacock TV – NBC’s All-Action Streaming Service

The first and perhaps the simplest way to watch the Ryder Cup without a cable subscription is through Peacock TV, NBC’s streaming platform. Peacock TV offers full coverage of the Ryder Cup, showing every shot, putt, and fairway walk from the early morning until the evening.

Coverage begins at 8 am and concludes at 7 pm ET on Friday and Saturday, with the Sunday broadcast airing from 12 pm-6 pm ET.

Starting from just $5.99 a month (which you can cancel anytime), you get access to the Ryder Cup and a wide range of exciting sports action, including Premier League soccer, WWE, and Premiership rugby. Moreover, you also gain access to NBC’s extensive on-demand content.

FuboTV – The Comprehensive Sports Streaming Platform

If you’re all about having more options and don’t mind paying a bit more, FuboTV could be the ideal solution. With the Golf Channel and NBC included in its Starter plan, you won’t miss a minute of the Ryder Cup. The cost? $74.99 per month. Although it’s pricier than Sling TV, FuboTV is a robust alternative to cable with the added bonus of flexible cancellation policies.

What’s more, if you’re a new FuboTV user, you can take advantage of their free trial, allowing you to watch the Ryder Cup, Masters Golf and other golf tournaments without paying a cent!

Sling TV – The Value-Packed Cord-Cutting Solution

Sling TV is another excellent platform for watching the Ryder Cup. Known for its value-packed packages, Sling TV’s Sling Blue plan features NBC, meaning you can watch the tournament at an extremely affordable rate. For your first month, you only have to pay $20, a steep drop from the usual $40 fee.

If you’re a golf fanatic and crave for more golf action, Sling TV has got you covered with its $11 Sports Extra add-on, which gives you access to the Golf Channel for more comprehensive coverage.

Should you find yourself outside the US during the tournament, don’t fret. A good VPN can come to your rescue. You can watch the Ryder Cup and all the other content you’ve subscribed for from any corner of the world using a VPN.

Set your VPN to a US server, log into your streaming service, and enjoy the golf as if sitting in your living room.

Besides you can also watch Ryder Cup Golf on DirecTV Stream, YouTube and Hulu+Live TV.

Whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore golf fan, these options offer flexible, affordable, and accessible ways to enjoy the Ryder Cup without a cable subscription. Happy viewing!

How to watch Ryder Cup 2023 live stream golf in the UK

If you’re in the UK and want to watch the Ryder Cup, here’s how:

Sky Sports is your go-to for Ryder Cup coverage. However, remember that each day’s play finishes after midnight due to the time difference.

You can access live coverage on the Sky Sports Ryder Cup channel during the tournament. On days 1 and 2, it runs from 12.45 pm to 12.30 am BST, and on day 3 from 4.45 pm to 1 am.

If you’re a Sky subscriber, you can also watch via the Sky Go app, which is compatible with almost all modern devices, from phones and tablets to PCs and consoles.

Don’t have Sky? Your best bet is a Now Sky Sports monthly membership. If you’re considering a full Sky package, check out the latest Sky TV deals and packages to maximize your subscription.

How to watch Ryder Cup 2023 live stream golf in Canada

If you’re in Canada and want to watch the Ryder Cup, follow these steps:

TSN is broadcasting the Ryder Cup but won’t cover day 1. Day 2 starts at 9 am ET / 6 am PT, and Day 3 begins at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT.

If you have TSN in your cable package, log into the TSN website with your provider details for a Ryder Cup live stream.

For those without cable, you can get TSN Direct. It’s streaming-only, priced at $19.99 monthly or a much better value $199.90 yearly plan.

2023 Ryder Cup live stream: How to watch in Australia

For Australian golf enthusiasts who want to watch the Ryder Cup, here’s how:

Fox Sports and Kayo Sports are the platforms to use. A paid subscription is needed for Fox Sports or a Foxtel subscription.

A more affordable option is Kayo Sports, an excellent streaming platform. New users can take a free trial to see if it suits them. If you decide to keep it, subscriptions start from AUD$25 a month, a great deal for the premium live sports it offers.

However, prepare for some late nights as coverage starts at 10.30 pm AEST on day 1, 11 pm on day 2, and 2 am on day 3.

How to watch Ryder Cup 2023 Golf live stream in New Zealand

Keen to watch the Ryder Cup in New Zealand? Sky Sport has got you covered for live Ryder Cup coverage. It’s part of several pay TV packages. If you’re a subscriber, you can watch online using Sky Go.

Don’t have cable? No worries. Check out Sky Sport Now. This streaming-only platform offers a weekly pass for just $19.99.

Remember that much of the action happens in the wee hours because of time differences. Days one and two kick off at midnight NZST, and day three starts at 4 am. On the bright side, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the action until about midday, which could be pretty handy.

If you’re a Kiwi abroad or an international visitor in New Zealand, you can use a VPN to access your home coverage as if you were back there. Happy watching!

Where to watch the Ryder Cup from France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, or Japan?

In France, You can watch Ryder Cup on Canal+. It offers live streaming, repeated programs, news, and video highlights for those in France. However, outside France, you can use a premium VPN to access this content.

In the Netherlands, Ziggo Sport is the broadcaster for the Ryder Cup. You can watch the Ryder Cup live on this channel if you’re in the Netherlands. Alternatively, stream the Ryder Cup live online via the Ziggo Sport app.

In Spain, Canal+ Golf is the official broadcaster of the Ryder Cup. You can watch the live stream on various online platforms.

In Sweden, you can tune into TVMatch for all Ryder Cup coverage. It lets you watch games, updates, news, and more on TV or via live stream on desktop and mobile devices.

For Ireland, Sky Sports is your best bet. Sky Sports offers full Ryder Cup coverage whether you’re using a TV or a mobile device. You can watch all the action from your favorite device via Sky TV.

In Japan, you can catch the action on J Sports. This satellite TV group has four sports channels that cover the Ryder Cup and more. Be sure to check the official J Sports site for the exact schedule. Note that J Sports is only available in Japan.

If you’re outside Japan but still want to use J Sports, consider using a VPN to bypass the restriction. A VPN lets you access the J Sports live stream by connecting to a server in Japan.

Without it, you might see a message that the service isn’t available in your area. Just connect to a good VPN, and you’re good to go!

Live Stream Ryder Cup on Mobile or Smart Devices via the App

Download one of the apps below to watch Ryder Cup 2023 on your mobile or smart device. These apps belong to TV streaming services or channels, allowing you to watch live or on-demand content on your device.

Here’s a list of apps where you can stream the Ryder Cup, get highlights, and keep track of live scores:

  • Ryder Cup App: Official app with updates, scores, news, and more.
  • Golf Channel App: Access Golf Channel’s coverage, updates, and highlights.
  • NBC App: NBC’s app offers live streaming and on-demand content.
  • Sky Go: For Sky Sports subscribers in the UK to watch on the move.
  • TSN App: Canadian sports fans can watch live TSN coverage here.
  • Kayo Sports App: Australia’s streaming service for a variety of sports.
  • NOW App: A great choice for those in the UK without a Sky Sports subscription.
  • Fubo TV App: Offers comprehensive sports streaming, including the Ryder Cup.
  • NBC Sports Radio & BBC Radio 5 Live App: These are your go-to apps for listening to radio coverage.

Download the best app for your location and subscription, install it on your device, and you’re all set for the Ryder Cup 2023!

Ways to Watch Ryder Cup 2023 Live stream free Online?

The ability to stream the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament for free online depends on the digital rights holder in your country. If they offer free streaming access via their OTT platform, you may be able to watch the Ryder Cup online at no cost, depending on their policy.

Based on our analysis, we have identified some ways to stream the Ryder Cup 2023 online for free:

Use a Live TV Streaming Service:

In the USA, popular live TV streaming services like NBC and the Golf Channel sometimes offer a free trial for new users. The Ryder Cup is typically a three-day event, and some platforms like FuboTV offer a 7-day free trial. If you’re outside the USA, you can use a VPN, connect to a USA server, and access FuboTV’s free trial plan without hassle.

Kayo Sports’ free trial offer is an option for those in Australia to consider for accessing the Ryder Cup.

Use TV Provider Login Details:

If your current TV plan includes the channel airing the Ryder Cup, you can watch the Ryder Cup at no additional cost. You can use your TV provider’s login details on the official website of the airing channel to watch live.

Follow Social Media:

Watching Ryder Cup 2023 live stream free online can be potentially achieved via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, where users may share live links or information about streaming.

However, these links are not always reliable, legal, or safe. Instead, consider official or licensed broadcasters.

How to get live audio coverage of Ryder Cup 2023?

You can hear the 2023 Ryder Cup live on BBC Radio 5 for free. You can also use the BBC Sounds app on your phone, whether Android or iOS, to listen to the event live for free!

2023 Ryder Cup Golf: Everything you need to know

What is the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is a men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States every two years. The PGA of America and Ryder Cup Europe jointly administer the competition. It is named after English businessman Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy.

Who is the 2023 Ryder Cup Captain?

The 2023 Ryder Cup Captains are Luke Donald for Team Europe and Zach Johnson for Team United States.

What is the Ryder Cup Format?

The Ryder Cup is played over three days. On the first two days, there are four foursome matches and four fourball matches. On the final day, there are 12 singles matches. A win in a match earns a point for the team, a draw earns half a point, and a loss earns no points. The team that reaches 14.5 points first wins the Ryder Cup.

Will LIV golfers play in the Ryder Cup 2023?

Yes, golfers currently playing for LIV Golf will be allowed to participate in the Ryder Cup 2023 as long as they qualify. This follows the recent news of a proposed merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Despite the previous indication by the PGA of America that American players who resigned from the PGA Tour would still be eligible, the legal battles cast some doubt.

However, with the recent developments, they are now eligible to play, provided they qualify. Notable U.S. players competing in LIV Golf include Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Reed, Bubba Watson, and Phil Mickelson.

How do Ryder Cup points work?

Ryder Cup points are earned by golfers based on their performance in specific tournaments leading up to the Ryder Cup. The exact system can vary between the U.S. and European teams. Generally, points are awarded for high finishes in tournaments, with more points available in major championships. The golfers with the most points earn automatic places on the Ryder Cup teams, and the rest of the team is filled out with captain’s picks.

Does the Ryder Cup have prize money?

The Ryder Cup does not have a prize money purse. The players compete for the honor of winning the Cup and for their respective teams and continents. However, the PGA of America and Ryder Cup Europe do make donations to charities of the players’ choice.

Who won the Ryder Cup 2021?

In 2021, the youngest US team won the Ryder Cup with a record score of 19-9. This was Europe’s biggest loss since they joined in 1979.